Missouri School for the Blind is operated by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), Dr. Margie Vandeven, Commissioner. The school is overseen by Mark Wheatley, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Special Education, and on site governance is provided by Superintendent Geoffrey Barney.

Contact Us

Mailing Address: 3815 Magnolia Avenue St. Louis, MO 63110

Telephone:  314-776-4320

Fax:  314-776-1875

Superintendent's Office

Barbara Stramler, School System Analyst

Telephone:  314-633-1573

Email: Barbara.Stramler@msb.dese.mo.gov


Mr. Geoffrey Barney, Superintendent

Telephone:  314-776-4320

Email: Geoffrey.Barney@msb.dese.mo.gov

Business Operations

Business Operations is comprised of the Business Office, Food Service and Central Supply divisions.

Regina Jennings, School System Analyst

Telephone:  314-633-3946

Email: Regina.Jennings@msb.dese.mo.gov

William Runzo, Director

Telephone:  314-633-1572

Email: William.Runzo@msb.dese.mo.gov

Clinical, Ancillary and Residential Services

Clinical, Ancillary and Residential Services operates the MSB Health Center and provides therapy services, as well as supervision and programming for resident students during after-school, evening and night hours.

Residential Shared Line (evening & overnight)

Telephone: 314-633-3931

Community Relations

The Community Relations Department publishes Mules Express, the quarterly newsletter, organizes special events, manages the Web site and coordinates volunteers and donations.

Andrea Stoffel, Facilitator

Telephone: 314-633-3942

Email: Andrea.Stoffel@msb.dese.mo.gov


The Assistant Superintendent heads the Education Division, which operates MSB's centerbase program for students ages 5-21. For more information about MSB educational programming.

Joy Waddell, Assistant Superintendent

Telephone: 314-776-4320

Email: Joyce.Waddell@msb.dese.mo.gov

Human Resources

Human Resources coordinates payroll, benefits and employment services. View MSB job vacancies online.

Karen Burkhead, Human Resources Analyst

Telephone: 314-633-1556

Email: Karen.Burkhead@msb.dese.mo.gov

Outreach Services

Outreach Services includes the Missouri DeafBlind Technical Assistance Project, Missouri Statewide Parent Involvement Network (MoSPIN), Missouri Instructional Resource Center (MIRC), Missouri School for the Blind Library Media Center (LMC), Outreach Vision and Orientation & Mobility Services, and professional development opportunities.


Samantha Dorsey, Administrative Assistant

Telephone: 314-633- 3961

Email: Samantha.Dorsey@msb.dese.mo.gov


Jane C. Herder, Director Outreach/DeafBlind Project Director

Telephone: 314-633-1582

Email: Jane.Herder@msb.dese.mo.gov

Plant Maintenance

Physical Plant Maintenance is responsible for maintenance of the entire physical plant and reports to the Office of Administration, Jefferson City.


Steve Schlereth, Physical Plant Supervisor II

Telephone: 314-633-1563

Email: steven.schlereth@oa.mo.gov


Michael LaBarbera, Maintenance Supervisor

Telephone: 314-244-8945

Email: Michael.LaBarbera@oa.mo.gov