Missouri professionals who work with students with a visual impairment may borrow professional materials on topics related to the development and education of students with visual impairments.

What Is Available?

  • The MSB Library Media Center has many books, videos and DVDs that Missouri professionals may borrow to learn more about braille, orientation & mobility, evaluating students, the education of a student with both a visual impairment and autism, and much more.
  • A 35-page annotated list of about 150 materials that are available for loan from the Professional Development Lending Library can be found here.
  • Or go to the MSB Library’s online catalog to see the most current list of materials available for loan.  Go to http://msb.follettdestiny.com  and click on “Missouri School for the Blind”.  Next click on “Resource Lists” on the left, then on “Public Lists” on the right, then select “Professional Development” from the list.  By clicking on individual titles you can find out more about them.

What’s the Process?

  • Contact the school librarian, Mike McQueen, at Mike.McQueen@msb.dese.mo.gov or 314-633-1566 to request a list of materials or to request titles from the list. Email requests are preferred.
  • Professional materials are available for loan to any professional in Missouri who works with a student who has a visual impairment and are loaned directly to the person who requests them. Please include on the request: name, title, school, school district, email address, phone number and address to which items should be mailed.
  • Three books and/or videos may be borrowed for six weeks at a time and may be renewed once as long as no one else has requested them.
  • Books and videos may be picked up in person or sent through the mail.
  • Library materials should be returned to:
    Professional Development Lending Library
    Missouri School for the Blind
    3815 Magnolia Avenue
    St. Louis, MO 63110
  • Return postage for professional library materials returned by mail is paid for by the borrower.
  • Total loan time will be eight weeks, allowing one week travel time there and one week back, and six weeks for use.
  • Loans are intended for short-term use and review.  Do not count on being able to use a book borrowed from this library for a semester-long class. If someone else requests it, it will not be available for renewal and will need to be returned at the end of eight weeks.
  • Books may not always be available when requested if they are out on loan.  If a title is unavailable when requested, it can be reserved and sent when it becomes available.
  • If library items are not returned or are severely damaged, borrowing privileges may be suspended until lost or damaged materials are returned or replaced at the borrower’s expense.