Have Braille Books at Your School That Are No Longer Needed?  Need to Build Up a Braille Library in Your School?

If one school has unneeded braille library-type books (not textbooks) that were purchased for a student who has outgrown them or moved away and the books are now taking up space and need to be cleared out, that school may send them to the MSB Library Media Center, where a few of the books may become part of that collection so that other students around the state may borrow them, and the rest will be put on the Braille Book Exchange List.  Another school that has a student who reads braille and would like to build up a permanent braille library at the school for that student to use can acquire these braille books through the Braille Book Exchange, giving the braille books a new home where they can continue to be used.  Contact the MSB school librarian at Mary.Dingus@msb.dese.mo.gov to arrange for donating braille books.

What Is the Process for Using the Braille Book Exchange List?

Books that are not accepted into the MSB library’s braille book collection for loan to students throughout Missouri may have their titles added to a Braille Book Exchange List.  You can find a resource list of these books on the MSB online catalog, at http://msb.follettdestiny.comClick on “Missouri School for the Blind”.  Next click on “Resource Lists” on the left, then on “Public Lists” on the right, then select “Braille Book Exchange List” from the list. You may decide if the books will be either given directly to students to keep, or kept at the school for students’ use.  To request books that are on the Braille Book Exchange List, contact the MSB school librarian at Mary.Dingus@msb.dese.mo.gov .  To learn how to borrow braille books from the MSB Library Media Center collection for a student, read about this service here: Borrow Braille and Print-Braille Books from the MSB Library Media Center.

What Happens to Braille Books that No One Wants?

If there are braille books that no one in Missouri wants, there are some agencies overseas that would like to have braille books in English and some books may be sent to those agencies.   Books that are in very poor condition may be discarded.


Please click on the links below to download a print copy of the forms required for requesting materials or services through the Library Media Center.