Destination 1:                           Blanchard Springs Caverns

Mountain View, Arkansas

Picture of students and staff in yellow blue pink swirled tye dyed shirts stand behind Blanchard Springs Caverns Sign

On the Road:                                    Highlights from the Trail

Destination Geology - Exploring our Environment - MSB Capstone 2017

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Destination 2:                               Pinnacle Mountain

Little Rock, Arkansas

Pinnacle Mountain group in pink or grey tye dyed shirts posing in front of entrance to West Summit Trail

                                                         Destination 3:                              Wegner's Quartz Crystal Mine

Mt. Ida, Arkansas

Mount Ida group students and staff in blue tye dyed shirts pose for photo in front of water fountain

                                                   Destination 4:                                  Hot Springs National Park

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Students and staff in blue tye dyed shirts stand behind Hot Springs National Park sign

Destination 5:                                      Lake Ouachita in the Ouachita Mountains

Mountain Pine, Arkansas

Students and staff in rainbow tye dyed shirts stand in front of Lake Ouachita State Park Marina Sign