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Welcome to the campus of Missouri School for the Blind! Below is an interactive image with icons leading to 360° photos of various parts of campus. Please take a moment to explore MSB! Note: This tour functions best in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Web browsers.

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  • Accessible alternative access to each video below timeline.


interactive timeline of the videos


Alternative access to each photo:

Art Classroom

  • Students and staff work on coloring projects in art class.



  • The auditorium with scenery and steel pan drums on the stage and empty seats.


Bowling Alley

  • Students bowl in physical education class while other students and staff cheer them on.


Braille Classroom

  • Students take a lesson from the braille teacher.


Careers Classroom

  • Students and staff work on designing, printing, proofing and packaging poster print jobs.


Careers Workroom

  • Students and staff work on various production jobs.


Computer Lab

  • Students and staff use the HoverCam digital podium for a technology lesson.


Dining Room

  • Students enjoy a delicious and nutritious lunch.


Dormitory Bedroom

  • A bedroom for two students in a dormitory.


Dormitory Common Area

  • The living room and kitchen areas of a dormitory.


East Gym

  • Elementary students practice basketball skills in the East Gym during Physical Education class.


Elementary Classroom

  • MSB elementary classes currently house print and braille readers grades 3rd through 6th.


Embroidery Workroom

  • The embroidery workroom houses several embroidery machines and supplies for students in MSB work practice programs.


FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Classroom

  • Family and Consumer Science classes aim to teach students how to cook, clean their homes, socialize, and practice personal hygiene through instruction in Activities of Daily Living (ADL) skills.


Fitness Center


Fitness Playground

  • The fitness playground is a collection of equipment that can be used for both exercise and recreation. Students of all ages and varying abilities are able to enjoy this special area.


Library Media Center

  • The Library Media Center (LMC) provides materials and services for students and staff at Missouri School for the Blind. The LMC is located on the 2nd floor of the school building. It is open during regular school hours, 8:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m., Monday through Friday during the regular school year and during the extended school year in the summer, whenever school is in session. More information can be found at


LMC Materials

  • The LMC has more than 20,000 braille, recorded, large print and regular print books and magazines, as well as many DVDs, music CDs, eBook readers, iPads, magnifiers and more available for loan. Library classes provide students with the opportunity to check out books as well as to learn about library materials and how to find and use them. Three different library clubs also engage students of all ages in reading and enjoying books. In addition, the LMC houses archival materials about the school’s past.


Library Classes

  • Library classes provide students with the opportunity to check out books as well as to learn about library materials and how to find and use them. Three different library clubs also engage students of all ages in reading and enjoying books.

LIFE Apartment

  • Students and staff maintain the Learning Independence From Experience (LIFE) Transition Program apartment by practicing their Activities of Daily Living (ADL) skills.


Little Theater

  • The Little Theater with sparse furniture on the stage, empty seats and an academic project timeline taped to the walls.


Math Classroom

  • Middle and high school students take math classes with the aid of a variety of assistive technology and devices.


Multipurpose Room

  • The multipurpose room set up for an event with chairs in the middle and tables around the edge of the room.


Music Classroom

  • The choir teacher and students stand to practice songs for an upcoming concert.


Music Playground

  • Students and staff explore the large outdoor musical instruments built in to the courtyard playground.


Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Classroom

  • The orientation and mobility (O&M) room prepared for the next student's lesson.


Outreach Sensory Playroom

  • A room full of sensory and tactile toys available for check out for students served by MSB Outreach.


Pet Shop

  • The pet shop houses several pets including a chinchilla, parakeets, domesticated rats, tortoises and fish for students to care for as part of MSB work practice programs.



  • Elementary students explore the Collins Hall playground during recess.


Professional Lending Library


Science Lab

  • Middle and high school students study the sciences with a variety of print, braille and assistive technology devices in our science classroom and laboratory.


Student Center

  • Students enjoy leisure recreation activities in the student center during a break in classes.


Swimming Pool

  • The swimming pool is used for swim team practice and evening recreation for residential students.



  • Students from Missouri School for the Blind, Illinois School for the Visually Impaired, Wisconsin Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, and Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired compete in the annual Al Eberhardt Memorial Invitational track meet in the track and field area.


West Gym

  • The West Gym houses equipment for athletics, physical education classes and BETA Club convention performances.









Created November 2018 By Carlie Lee.