In May of 2018, MSB students and staff culminated their year-long Capstone Project on the historic interactions between Native Americans and Euro-American settlers and their descendants by visiting important Native American sites in New Mexico.

Below is an interactive timeline of informative videos students made prior to their trip to New Mexico.

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interactive timeline of the videos


Alternative access to each video:

Timeline Video Performances

1600's: Diseases in the New World

1607 John Smith and Jamestown

1611: Adrian Bloch and Peter Minuit

1614: Juan de Oñate

1621: The First Peace Treaty

1637: Captains John Smith and John Underhill and the Pequot War

1676-1692: Bacon's Rebellion and the Pueblo Revolt

1709: Slave Market on Wall Street

1754: The Scalp Act

1758: the First Native American Reservation

1763: Pontiac's War and the Proclamation of 1763

1778: The First Federal Treaty

1790: The Indian Trade and Intercourse Act

1804: Lewis & Clark and Sacagawea

1808-1812: Tecumseh

1813-1814: The Creek War

1828: Sequoyah & the Cherokee Phoenix

1838: The Trail of Tears

1864: The Chivington Massacre

1870: Indian Appropriation Act

1876: The Battle of Little Bighorn

1877: Nez Perce War

1887: The Dawes Act

1889: Wovoka and the Ghost Dance

1890: Wounded Knee

1924: Indian Citizenship Act

1934: Indian Reorganization Act (IRA)

1961: National Indian Youth Council (NIYC)

1968: American Indian Movement (AIM)

1968: Indian Civil Rights Act (ICRA)

1973: Wounded Knee Occupation

1990: Native American Languages Act


Location Slideshow Videos

Bandelier National Monument

Camp Davis

Española Valley Fiber Arts Center

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

Puye Cliff Dwellings

Rancho De Las Golondrinas

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Taos Pueblo

Wide Sky Ranch: A Santa Fe Alpaca Farm


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