The MSB Librarian Steven Daley is available to assist professionals who work with students who are visually impaired to select braille books.

What to Read?

  • Sometimes a particular title is not needed, but the student or the professional has a subject or a type of book in mind and would like to see what books are available in braille on that subject, or maybe even just want a suggestion of a good book to read.
  • For example, a 5th grade student may wish to read a fiction book about horses just for fun, or a student who is reading braille on a 3rd grade level needs a book about electricity for a report, or a 10th grade student loves to read fantasy books. The
    MSB librarian can help to find the best braille book to fill these requests.

What’s the Process?

  • When asking for advice on books to check out, please use the Library Book Request Form. This can be sent in the mail to Steven Daley at Missouri School for the Blind,or by email to or faxed to 314-776-1875. Requests may also be made over the telephone by calling 314-633-1566.
  • The MSB librarian can use the school’s online catalog and his knowledge of the collection to find braille books that meet these requests.
  • Within three days, the MSB librarian can email a list of books that are available in braille on the topic requested. For example, if a request is made for a fiction book about horses for a 5th grade student, the librarian could email or mail an annotated list which includes title, author, copyright date, brief description of book, number of volumes, and reading level for each book.
  • The list may not contain every book available – for instance, there are about 300 different fantasy titles in our collection that are in braille. In such a case, the list will contain about 20 different titles to choose from, and will be up to three pages long.
  • For longer lists, the MSB librarian may create a resource list on the topic on the school’s online catalog that can be accessed through the Internet. In that case, the librarian will email directions on how to access this list.
  • The professional who is making the request for the student may then contact the librarian to discuss the books, if he or she chooses.
  • After the professional decides which book to borrow, it will be checked out in his or her name and mailed to the address indicated on the request form.
  • Books will be sent Free Matter for the Blind, so please allow at least a week for them to reach their destination.