The Library Cat Club is open to all MSB students. Students are encouraged to read books for fun through this club.

Students sign contracts to read or listen to a certain number of books each semester. Students who are able to do so are required to give brief book reports on the books they read. Students who are unable to report on books independently may have a note signed by an adult stating that they read or listened to the book.

Several incentives spur students on to meet their goals to read and report on books. Students can “buy” prizes with points that they earn for book reports. There are monthly after-school meetings for all members that feature a video based on a good library book and snacks. Students who complete their contracts are invited to end-of-semester lunch parties that feature Garfield’s favorite foods: lasagna in January, and a pizza picnic in the park in the springtime. Through this club, reluctant readers often come to realize that books and reading can be fun!

2019-2020 Library Cat Club Meetings:

  • TBD