The HBC is open to all academic students in grades 9–12 who like to read and discuss great books!

Students in the club choose a book that they would all like to listen to at the same time and receive copies of that book. A date is set to meet a few weeks later during lunch time. At this meeting, the students and the librarian discuss what happened in the book and how they felt about it.

One of the goals of this club is to participate in the Gateway Readers Award Program for high school students. Students read or listen to at least 3 books from the current list to participate. To learn more about this program, click here: Gateway Readers Award Program

After reading at least three books from the Gateway list, students choose other books that they would like to listen to and discuss for the rest of the school year.

An end-of-the-year activity is planned for all who participated in the Gateway Program each year. Past excursions took HBC members to the public library to learn about downloadable books and to a book store, where they could browse through the recorded bookshelves and purchase books for themselves. Other years, club members enjoyed a pizza-and-movie-night at school during which they watched a movie based on one of the books they have read, or if the timing is right, to a theater to watch a new movie based on one of the teen books they've read. The whole point of the HBC is for high school students to enjoy popular books for teens with their peers. Students in the original HBC in 2005 established the ground rules, listed below, for how the meetings should proceed:

Book Discussion Club Rules:

  • Everyone's opinion is important.
  • It is okay to disagree with one another.
  • Everyone will be polite.
  • Everyone is encouraged to participate, with no one person monopolizing the discussion.
  • Everyone should be on time.
  • There will be no throwing library books or venting your anger on library books!