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MSB Administration

Missouri School for the Blind is operated by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), Dr. Chris Nicastro, Commissioner.  The school is overseen by Dr. Stephen Barr, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Special Education, and on site governance is provided by Superintendent Geoffrey Barney, 314-776-4320, ext. 1111; email:

Departments under the direction of Supt. Barney are:

  • Business Operations, Maureen Dunn, Director, 314-776-4320, ext. 1112,  business office, central supply and food services.

  • Clinical, Ancillary and Residential Services, Marsha Bryant, Coordinator, 314-776-4320, ext. 1200,  health, therapeutic and residential services.
  • Community Relations, Patti Curran, Director, 314-776-4320, ext. 1135,  communications, publications and events.
  • Education, Joy Waddell, Assistant Superintendent, 314-776-4320, ext. 1140,  K-12 educational program.
  • Human Resources, Karen Burkhead, Human Resources Analyst, 314-776-4320, ext. 1115,  employee benefits and payroll.
  • Outreach Services, Jennie Mascheck, Coordinator, 314-776-4320, ext. 1250,  outreach services, MIRC, Library Media Center.

Email: Missouri School for the Blind

Mailing Address:  3815 Magnolia Avenue

                            St. Louis, MO  63110

Telephone:          314-776-4320

FAX:                     314-776-1875