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Vision Education and Orientation & Mobility Services

The Missouri School for the Blind Outreach Services offers assessment and technical assistance in the areas of Vision Education and Orientation & Mobility to all Local and State Board Operated programs in Missouri. These services are intended to support programming efforts.  Assessments are conducted by professionals certificated in their respective fields.  Services are at no cost to the district/program.  Services currently being offered by a Vision Supervisor for children age birth to 21, include:

These assessments are not comprehensive educational evaluations and are not intended to be all-encompassing regarding the development and provision of a student's educational program.  Educational program staff participation in each assessment is required.  Subsequent to assessment, a written report summarizing all recommendations are made to the team for review and consideration.

For more information, contact Annette Miller, TVI, COMS, Vision Supervisor, at 314-776-4320, ext. 1240 or